Animals (elementary)

Learn about the world of animals. See the presentations and do the exercises. Have fun!

Means of transport (elementary)

Learn new vocabulary related to transportation.

Places in town (elementary)

Cinema, theatre, market square - you will never get lost now.

Weather and seasons (elementary)

What's the weather like? Now you can check the English names for different types of weather.

What's the weather like in winter? Learn names of seasons in English.

Body parts (elementary)

I've hurt my....




Learn names of body parts in English by doing these interesting exercises.

Head idioms (pre-intermediate)

Read this story and learn idioms with the word "head"

Colourful idioms (pre-intermediate)

Read the story about a horrific concert and learn new idioms.


Learn vocabulary related to food. Can you name the food in the pictures? Can you do the crossword? Click and find out!

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