Little Red Riding Hood (elementary)

Probably you already know the story of a little girl wearing a red cloak. This time it was presented by the students in the form of a comic book. Enjoy the classic and good read once more.

Cindirella (elementary)

Another familiar story brought back to you in a form of a comic book. See for yourself how magical the life of Cindirella was. Thanks to a magic spell her life was turned upside down.

DUFOURSPITZE 4634 (upper-intermediate)

Are you a fan of mountain climbing? Read the text about a journey to the Alps and do the exercises to practice your reading skills.

Visiting London (elementary)

London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The city is standing on the river Thames. Around 8 million people live in London. It’s got beautiful places to see and some of them are described in this article

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